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Updated: Sep 9, 2018

he told me i reeked of innocence

as if that was such a bad thing

his dark eyes stared at mine

as if i was some form of sin

in a sense

a sin he was tempted to commit


he holds me but only after midnight

his cold feet entagled in mine

my senses have turned numb

my lover played devil

whereas i... played dumb

he knew all of my fears

he knew exactly how to make me succumb

he showed me that i was pure

but i am sure

he's not aware of his lethal control

my body submits but i have nothing to show

for his fantasies of me have never required my soul

he rolls me under his sheets but

i knew it was to uncover my secrets

i doused them in darkness so that he could not see them

but some lay coded on my skin

he begins to read them

with his tongue

he stole me of my mystery

his soul still creeping into me

the dopamine to my addiction

in which i never knew existed

inflicted, but in spite of that

my character would never allow me to be spiteful back

i guess, i will never dirty his name

i guess, i would rather have pleaded insane

my love

you have moulded me into this creature

had taught me a language so sweet but

it was causing me shame

our flame... was the coldest

and the glimpses of your vulnerability

is so fucking poetic to me

we had a moment

and that moment will forever to be


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