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‘In Living Colour’ is an upcoming project made in a multi-medium visual format by Anna Tuyen. This narrative work is curated to acknowledge the hardships, achievement and appreciation of colour–exuded by culture and diversity. 


The main ideas and concepts covered in this project will attempt to demystify negative stereotypes and impressions regarding people of colour. It will respectively feature, as well as artistically represent, individuals from marginalized backgrounds. The purpose of this project is to curate a timeless piece that is culturally sensitive and inclusive of all complexions and hair types. To truly celebrate and advocate for all ethnicities, minority-owned businesses and creatives will be featured to increase awareness and demand of services provided by people of colour. Portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting youth from economically-disadvantaged communities.


This project is currently in its recruitment stage–wherein model profile cards are being developed. The selection process includes a comprehensively designed form to thoroughly and thoughtfully represent all people of colour. Models are individually chosen based on their unique fit to support this narrative.



If you would like to be involved with this caring project (i.e. model, sponsor, clothing, location, etc.), please fill out the form below. Thank you for your interest, as it is genuinely appreciated.

Thanks! Message sent.

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