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interdisciplinary  designer
&  educator  ✸  BA, MT

hello, i'm  
anna nguyen

Anna (she/her) completed her education with a Bachelor's Degree (with Honours) in English and Humanities, as well as a Graduate Degree in Master of Teaching. 

Being raised by an immigrant household, and within a marginalized neighbourhood, she grew up hyper-aware of social and culturally-sensitive issues. With that, she worked as an educator within the Jane-Finch community and Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to develop a community-based approach throughout areas in her work.

Anna has been fortunate to have worked in various fields, such as: marketing, social media, graphic design, copywriting, and education.​ As a self-taught creative, Anna currently specializes in Art Direction and Brand Strategy–within marketing and education.


She also works closely with community members to develop narrative-driven design and strategies. Overall, the soul of her work aims to help inclusive brands and non-profits design their stories for community impact.


Let's learn more about your ideas. Projects are recommended to be scheduled at least 6-8 months in advance in order to appropriately plan for your visual package with care.

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